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In order to offer a personalised service, BN Ltd. may place a small data package (cookie) onto the computer of the visitor to the Website. The purpose of the cookie is to improve the quality of operation of the Website, to facilitate personalised services and to enhance the user experience. Visitors to the Website can delete cookies from their own computers and may also set up their browser to block cookies. By blocking the cookies, the visitor accepts that without the cookies the particular page will not function perfectly.

The information stored by the cookies is never used by BN Ltd. to personally identify the visitor to the Website.

The following cookies are used on the Website:

  • Session cookie (SESSIONID) - Purpose: support for certain user session-related functions of the Website.
  • Google Analytics cookies (starting with _ga) - Purpose: provide anonymous, aggregated information about visitor activity on the Website.
  • On the Website, BN Ltd. uses remarketing codes to track visits to specific pages in order to provide targeted marketing messages to the visitors of these pages in the future.


Klára Lukács

Klára Lukács
leasing manager
+36 70 454 3186

Dóra Szakács

Dóra Szakács
leasing coordinator
+36 70 454 4033

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